How to Install XPROG-M V5.60 ECU Programmer?

News for you! We tested XPROG-M V5.6.0 is operating fine to read write ECU data, and only takes 3 steps to install.

So how to install XPROG-M V5.6.0?

There are several main steps.

  1. Install Adobe Reader
  2. Registry editor
  3. Install device driver software
  4. Copy read write device data


XPROG-M V5.6.0 is operating fine on Windows XP.

If the operating system is WIN7 and other versions it may fail to install driver automatically.

The details are as follows:

1. Insert CD and double click My Computer icon.

2. Open CD storage you will see a compressed file [XPROG M 5.6.0 English] then copy this file to Desktop.

3. Decompress [XPROG M 5.6.0 English], go to [XP5.6.0 ] and find Adobe Reader file to install the application.

XPROM V5.6.0-1 Step3

4. After the installation is complete, right click The “Registry Editor ” icon, then choose Merge option and click Yes and OK when the alert dialog boxes are showing.

XPROM V5.6.0-2 Step4

5. Copy the XPROG-BOX 5.60 English file folder to Local Disk [C].

6. Connect the device to the computer and get windows message reading “Installing device driver software”, but unfortunately it fails to automatically install driver on win7 shown as follows, so I have to manually install the driver.

XPROM V5.6.0-3 Step6

7.Right click “My Computer”, choose “Manage” option, then “Device Manager”, then right click “XPROG-box” under “Other devices” then “Update Driver Software”

XPROM V5.6.0-4 Step7 XPROM V5.6.0-5 Step78. You will see a prompt dialog box and choose the second option: “Browse my computer for driver software.”

9. Choose to browse location: Desktop→XPROG-BOX drive→WINDOW XP (Note: Choose the driver software from folder “WINDOW XP” will be okay.)

10. Click “Next” to continue, there is a Windows security warning message then choose the second option: “Install this driver software anyway”.

XPROM V5.6.0-6 Step10

11.Right click “USB Serial Port” to choose “Update Driver Software”. You will see a prompt message and choose the second option: “Browse my computer for driver software”. Choose browse location: [WINDOW XP], And one more time ignore windows security warning message.

XPROM V5.6.0-7 Step11 XPROM V5.6.0-8 Step11

12. Now “XPROG-box programmer (COM4)” and “USB Input Device” can be found shown as follow, it means the driver software is installed successfully.

XPROM V5.6.0-9 Step13

13. Choose the XPROG-BOX 5.60 English file folder at Local Disk [C] and find application file called XprogDesktop to open. Next you should agree Adobe Reader’s protocol.

XPROM V5.6.0-10 Step14

14. Click “Device” option at toolbar of V5.6.0 and select Type→Serial EEPROM, Subtype→Atmel, Device→AT93C66

XPROM V5.6.0-11 Step14

XPROM V5.6.0-12 Step15

15. Click New option at toolbar and get a noname file, next click Read option and move mouse to read codes. XPROM V5.6.0-13 Step16

16. For convenience of use you can right click [XprogDesktop] to send V5.6.0 to desktop.

XPROM V5.6.0-14 Step17

This is from OBD2 Diagnostic Tool website technical support: How to Install XPROG-M V5.60 ECU Programmer?