How to Modify the Car Brand Logo of Xtuner E3 for Custom Logos?

You can change the car brand logo of Xtuner E3 for the custom logos.


Software download:


Password: xxx




Instruction in words and pictures:

  1. Here Xtuner E3 menu


  1. Click on “Diagnosis service”

You can see all of the car brands only show names no images.


  1. Click on the white box.


  1. Click on “Program (X86).


  1. Click on “TDUTEX”.


  1. Logo .


  1. Click on “Documents”, then ” Replace files at destination “


  1. Tick on “Proceed in this way for all current items”, then “Continue”.



  1. Xtuner E3 logos change succeed.


  1. Back to click on “Diagnosis service”. You can see, all logos come to the normal state.




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