How install+ activate+ download NEW XTUNER E3 software? (Guide)

Here is a detailed user guide for new tool XTUNER E3 Wireless OBD2 Scanner, you can know exactly how to install+ activate+ download XTUNER E3 software!


How to install XTUNER E3 software for WIN XP/ WIN 7/ WIN 8/ WIN 10?

(You can install XTUNER E3 and use it on PC, laptop or pad)

  1. Download XTUNER E3 software setup.exe from official website → Support→ XTUNER-E3 SETUP V8.0 as below:

  1. Unzip and run XTUNER E3 software setup.exe.

  1. You can see XTUNER E3 Setup Wizard, click “Next” → “Next” → “Install” → “Finish”.

Now you install XTUNER E3 software successfully!


How to activate XTUNER E3 software to diagnose?

  1. Keep the network working, run XTUNER-E3 APP then click “Online Store”.

  1. It will require you to input the serial number and password.

You can get serial number from this paper come with package.

  1. Click “Login” and you will see message “The product is not activated, please register and activate first”, click “Yes” to continue.

  1. Now you should first fulfill customer information as below:

Note: The email address you input must be real and company name within 250 characters.

  1. Click “Activate” and “Yes”, now you should receive the activation link in your email box. Click the link to complete activation.

And in this way you finish XTUNER E3 activation!


How to download XTUNER E3 APP after software activation?

After activation you go back to “Online Store”, you can download and use all applications in Diagnosis Service System (DSS), Expert Service System (ESS) and Maintenance Service System (MSS). (Download one by one or just one click!)

Now you can start to diagnose your car with this XTUNER E3 WIFI Bluetooth OBDII diagnostic interface!


XTUNER E3 diagnoses 2012 Hyundai Elantra 1.6 on WIN10 tablet.

XTUNER E3 diagnoses 2012 Hyundai Elantra 1.6 on WIN7 64 bits laptop.