How to Set IOBD2 for Diagnosis on IPhone

IOBD2 Diagnostic tool for Iphone with WIFI function is able to read data like engine speed, ignition time, fuel correction and consumption, coolant temperature and more by the client software of the phone. Both OBDII and EOBDII are supportable.

IOBD2 connection via WIFI

Here I would like to show you detail steps to use IOBD2 with Iphone, please check the following part:

1.Plug the tool onto the OBD port on the bottom left side of a car and make sure the connection is fully available;

Plug IOBD2 tool onto the OBD port

2.Download iOBD2 software from APP Store on your iPhone for free;

download IOBD2 software

3.Select “Setting” >> “Wi-Fi” >> “iOBD2”;

IOBD2 WIFI setting

4.Select “Auto-Join” >> “Static”, and then fill in IP Address and Subnet Mask. Subsequently select Wi-Fi Networks and then go back to previous menu;

IP Address and Subnet Mask setting

5.Turn off the cellular data and check whether your IP address is set successfully;

Turn off the cellular data and check IP

6.Open the IOBD2 APP, and then connect IOBD2 via Wi-Fi. Turn IGN on, the IOBD2 Scanner can communicate with the vehicle now;

open IOBD2 software

7.Click “Diagnosis” in the IOBD2 APP, and this device can diagnose the vehicle problem;

Click “Diagnosis” in the IOBD2 APP