How to Solve SEC-E9 Bluetooth Disconnection or Drop

SEC-E9 is a powerful Key Cutting Machine based on its Bluetooth connection. Once the Bluetooth disconnection, the machine won’t work properly. This post will express the situation why Bluetooth disconnect and how to solve this problem.


There are two reasons why fail to connect Bluetooth:

1) Incorrect boot sequence

2) Bluetooth module is dropped by interference


Now, the solution will be given one by one.

  1. Incorrect boot sequence

The correct boot steps:

  1. Connect the power switch with power supply (Input Voltage is DC 100-240V).
  2. Clockwise twisting switch to turn on the machine, and then long press the switch of tablet till logo appears.
  3. Please wait seconds, SEC-E9 will go to main page automatically.
  4. Once you see the main page of SEC-E9 in tablet, it means the tablet and the machine get in touch with each other successfully.


Here is the guide how to reboot SEC-E9 when something happens:

  1. Press “Shutdown” button on the main page.
  2.  Press the power switch to turn off the machine.
  3. Please wait for 2 minutes and then strictly follow in boot steps to do.

Attach a video to show how to turn on and turn off SEC-E9:




  1. Bluetooth module is dropped by interference


Firstly follow the correct steps to turn on SEC-E9. Please check the area in below picture, if it light blue means that Bluetooth module operates normally, it will automatically match and take tens of seconds, please be patient and don’t touch any button on the screen.


If the Bluetooth disconnects, please find the Bluetooth serial number by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner, and click “remove device “and “Pair” again. Enter password “8888” and click “next”. If you can enter the main page successfully, that means the Bluetooth setting is completed successfully.


Last but not least, if you follow the correct boot way above, but the blue light is not light in that area, please contact with our support team, we will guide you online how to deal with it.