Key Programming Sprinter 906 with CGDI MB Tool

Car model and year:

Mercedes Sprinter 906



 I only have one key and I want to make a new one.

new key


Cheap tool option:

CGDI MB tool

For the cheaper way you need to know how to remove ezs and read secured Motorola processor, then need to write nec key manual



If you want only the key and cheapest way is use locksmith service.
Benz it not simple key and doing that is very risky if you don’t do it sometime before.
That is my own advice

Also the fastest way by OBD is CGDI MB tool. no need remove anything, all over OBD.


Youtube video on how to use CGDI MB to Add New Keys for W906:


Where to buy CGDI MB PROG?

On web, ali, or direct by

Price: 537EUR




CGDI Prog MB Test Feedbacks: Wins in Price and Speed: