How to Solve V2018.12 BMW EF Scanner II Software “Dongle Error 800000D1”?

Problem: it always appears the error “Dongle Error 800000D1” when using V2018.12 BMW EF Scanner II. engineer replied:

1. Check the dongle connection, the dongle is built in the EF scanner. Please dismantle the shell to unplug the dongle and plug again.

2.Uninstall the software and download again by this link:
Password: 3kkc20
Size: 875.44 MB
Security: No risk!
O.S: Win7, Win10

Notice: Please do not connect it to Internet. Otherwise it will be blocked.

BMW E F scanner software installation video:

Tips on using BMW EF Scanner Full Version:
1. You need to connect your car to stable power supply, especially when coding ISN, must connect to Programming Power Supply.

If the power supply problem leads you to fail to finish programming, it will damage control module in your car.
2.Must let laptop go to Standby mode. As programming need take long, sometimes, it will take about more than 30 minutes to read its number.

If your laptop goes to Standby mode, you will fail to finish programming and other function, it also will damage control module in your car.
3. It can only do mileage correction for cas module and fem module, cannot correct mileage on dashboard chip.

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