Knowledeg of VDM UCANDAS from Benz model

Usually, when you bought an OBDTool, you will wonder whether it can work on this vehicle part. Actually, it is not easy to have a conclusion on diagnostic tools functions, for its functions vary from one car model to another, mainly depending on vehicles design.
Here we take VDM UCANDAS for example; you could see its special functions today on Benz model. And from one compatible part of it, we could have a better look at it. Generally, VDM ucandas mainly works with drive chassis, body, information and communication, seats and doors, air conditioning and so on. And Benz covers these systems, too.
With the use of this car diagnostic tool, you could have special function on Benz Drive, including initial startup, control unit adaptations, read coding and change if necessary, read coding and/or transfer download to new control unit, replace component Y74 (Pressure control valve), replace component B28/8 (Pressure differential sensor (DPF)), learning of the throttle valve stop, learn air conditioning, activate fuel pump, adjustment On temperature of heater booster(Electric heater booster), injector classification/Injector shutoff, transmission oil temperature, emergency running, display adaptation data, resetting of adaptation data, performing adaptation, and coding according to plant data etc.
Chassis includes initial startup, control unit adaptations, road test, learning processes, resetting of variant locking, erase zero point offset error of component N49(steering angle sensor), deactive system, active system, bleed brake system, calibration of the plunger travel sensors, level calibration, load adjustment and replacement of component B24/15.
Body functions: initial startup, control unit adaptations, read coding and changes if necessary, coded vehicle data, variant coding, and chassis number, setting of limit position of excess force limiter, zero position adjustment and panoramic sliding roof.
Information and Communication: iInitial startup, control unit adaptations, read coding and change if necessary, assyst Setting, general servicing, confirm overall maintenance, oil change, clock Setting, reset odometer to 0 km, radio parameters, TV parameters, TV Active, restart of optical ring, seats and doors, initialization of power closing, read coding and change if necessary, and normalize left power window.
Air Conditioning covers initial startup, read coding and change if necessary, normalizing of position motors, check of adjustment range of postioning motors, variant coding, and control unit reset.