UCANDAS VDM reviews and user feedbacks are all here

Here are UCANDAS VDM reviews and user feedbacks as a collection for you reference. Hope it helps.


  1. I have UCANDAS VDM auto diagnostic tool, in brief I can say it is a good device especially in Toyota, Lexus, Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Nissan and Honda, working via WIFI Or USB, also if you have any problem using it, just send email to their technical support and they will replay in 24 hrs, I have tested.
  1. Just tested UCANDAS VDM for you reference:

Mercedes W210 – engine ok
BMW E46, E39, and E38 – all ok.
Opel Astra II – Airbag no, rest ok.
Mercedes A W168 – all ok.
Mazda 6 2003 – all ok.

  1. My test on UCANDAS VDM as follows:

Subaru forester 2011 programming key ok, calibration diesel pomp& injection ok
all Toyota ok (tested 2002-2013)
LEXUS GS 2009 radar calibration ok

Renault Megane 2 all ok
Opel Vectra B 1997R 2.0 Ecotec idle speed regulation ok

Opel Zafira B all ok ABS ECU SRS CIM

  1. UCANDAS VDM may be compared to “big” Launch x431, Autocom or Autoboss, a better alternative to Autocom.
  1. I have a UCANDAS VDM and I used on Fiat Ducato and worked fine, I have read the real km from engine ECU. Also I coded ABS pump on Audi A4 successfully. It’s my main tool now and I try on lots of cars very happy with this tool.
  1. Highly recommend this unit. I run it off a Win 8 tablet via WIFI. The software is brilliant. The best software that I have got (Launch, Autocom, Autoland, Hanatech and Carman) for BMW CBS reset. Very easy to see what needs to be reset.
  1. I have this tool and it is very good for Asian cars and software is original, update is very cheap. And it can work with Ford EURO model, tested ok.
  1. Now I use UCANDAS VDM to adjust transit speed limiters quickly, and it needle sweeps and tests a lot of instrument clusters, if you into dash repairs.
  1. I got one UCANDAS VDM this week, diagnosed/cleared faults on BMW X5, Volvo S40, Fiat Doblo and Citroen Picasso, very impressed with it so far given the cheap price.
  1. Been using VDM UCANDAS for last 2-3 months, I have to say it’s a competent tool in both speed and connection. Seems to update no problem at all, must say it’s a tool that goes pretty deep in scanning, activations, calibrations, and programming.
  1. VDM UCANDAS V3.84 is now available and Dutch language released at http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/vdm-ucandas-wireless-automotive-diagnosis-system.html