Today I’d like to share some FAQs of KTM BENCH ecu programmer, and a link to the ECU connection diagram of the product upgrade.

After the KTM BENCH software is upgraded to V1.2, as before, it cannot connect to the Internet and cannot be updated (because the V1.20 software does not update any ecu), otherwise the device will be locked (the same is true for V1.99) ), but KTM BENCH V1.2 adds a wiring diagram. Below we can take a look at what questions and answers will appear when operating the product.

Q: Can KTM BENCH V1.99 software version and V1.20 version be installed on the same computer at the same time?
A: It’s better not to install them together at the same time.

Q: At the same time, KTM BENCH V1.20 tests the ECU model as EDC17 and MED17, both of which prompt the same error, but it can be tested when using Ktag, and why.
A: There is an error in the test under the supported car model. It may be that the wiring is wrong or the wiring error causes it is recommended to carefully check the wiring situation. The following is
Wiring diagram link:
https://share.weiyun.com/5Jc2V7M (password: fqxktd)

Q: Does KTM BENCH support both Win7 and Win10? What languages ​​does it support?
A: Yes, but only supports Win7 32-bit system, the language it supports is English.

Q: Is there any KTM BENCH installation video?
A: Yes, if you want to install the video, you can go to the website or Facebook (
https://www.facebook.com/autoecuprogrammer/) comment on the comments.

Q: When using this product, I can’t read the data of F11 3.0d 190kw edc17c56, and the error shown in the figure below appears, what is going on?

A: If the wiring is correct, you need to consider the wiring method. For the correct wiring method of this product, please refer to the website:

For more detailed information about KTMBENCH, please refer to the website:

KTM BENCH Write BMW X3 F25 EDC17C50 no issues: