KTM Bench ECU Programmer Reviews: PROS & CONS

Here have collected a lot of feedback about what can or cannot work with KTM Bench ECU programmer. Thanks to all the users who gave the real reviews on the mhhauto forum.

I do edc17cp20 work very good

Used on edc17c19 no issues

I did
iveco EDC 17C49 2017 ok boot
jumper SID 208 OK – i know the procedures boot
ducato 17C52 ok
ford SID 208 ok boot
works fast

KTM Flash is PCM Flash
I tested PCM fLASH clone and PCM Flash original.
Moduel 58 and 62 work fine (tested only 58 and 62)

I have it. I bought it because I needed it for SID208 PSA, after I got the tool I tried to do the job, but at first, I couldn’t read password… The problem was the power supply, it is better to use good power supply, or just connect the tool to good battery… After this I managed successfully read/write this ECU.

Also did successful read/write to VW EDC17C46, Volvo EDC17CP22 or EDC17CP48 (don’t remember which one, because one of them

I couldn’t make reading)…


Today did tests on VW EDC17CP04 – everything ok, did writing few times without any problems

Bmw (f20) med work
fiat doblo-ducato edc17 work
peugeot sid208 work
transit sid208 -boot- work

It works very well i test today, Perfect Seat Leon 1.6 tdi same ecu

I tested a Chinese clone

EDC17C84 1.6DCI Renault Nissan works ok chip tuning – checksums ok
EMS3155 Continental Qashqai 2017 1.2 TCE works ok ecu cloning
SID310 Mercedes A W176 1.6 CDI 2017 works ok ecu cloning

I have bought this and try on edc17c64 vag but not work

I have an error on windows x64, it says “unable to use the selected interface”…
but try on windows x86… Work 100%

received one yesterday.
Working so far, haha.
Trying to find some egpt pinouts.
Tested volvo edc17cp22 and vag cp14 and working.
Some others dont seem to work.
looking for volvo med17 and siemens sid807 gpt.
Bdw. I’m running on win 7 32bit

I tested on VW MED 17.5.2 works fine.. BMW EDC17CP41 not work…VW EDC17CP14 not work

Read Write EDC17CP14 vag ok
Read  Write EDC17C46 vag ok
no issues at all, I use professional psu to supply 13.5 v
excellent results so far

tested on edc17c60 psa – car start few time, then error and car not start (manual solution on other ecu after study patch ktag)
tested on edc17c49 fal – car starts few time, then error and car in recovery
tested on edc17cp48 volvo xc60 – not work ecu not found
tested on bmw edc17cp02 gpt. read and write perfect, very fast

It is working on psa sid208. you need the pinouts from their forum, obdtuning site… Also working on many ecus without opening, but its good always to have a KTAG for any case.

For bricking the KTM Bench replica skanmatic interface, I already thowed 1 interface and figured out why, you need to delete the Program Skanmatik.exe from its folder, not uninstall, because upon run this program, or maybe in the background it is bricking the device firmware, it is needed just to install drivers, now I always use it with Internet disconnected!

sid208 boot pin same as Ford as in ktag. Reads password unlocks and reads/write no problem

In conclusion:
KTM bench boot can read and write ECU via Boot & Bench (no need to open the cover).

There is NO LIMITS of the car model and year when use it to read/write data.
But if you have chips and gearboxes to read and write, you should have a KTM flash (The bad is: disassembling is required).

You’d better use it on Win7 32bit, don’t connect to the Internet and cannot update it when you use, otherwise it will cause the KTM Bench to be locked.

KTM BENCH ECU Programmer FAQs: