OBDSTAR DC706 vs X300 Classic G3

Both OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 and OBDSTAR DC706 support ECU cloning, what is the difference between them?


OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 Key Programmer:

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X300 Classic G3 is a comprehensive key programmer that can program IMMO keys, test remote,  R/W transponder, make dealer keys/start keys, renew key, do IMMO OFF, R/W EEPROM/MCU, unlock ECU, support ECU advanced, and OBDII, etc.


Compare with X300 DP Plus, G3 has an advanced hardware configuration and built-in CAN FD, DoIP, Fault tolerant CAN, RFID, Remote test, and Renault converters.

How to Register and Update OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 (Key Master G3)?

With the paid software activation service, it has the extra functions below, and becomes an all-in-one tool.

  • ECU cloning: It only has some ECU/BCM cloning models in default.After activating the ECU Cloning license, it can work the same as DC706.
  • Cluster Calibration: work the same as OBDSTAR ODO Master
  • Airbag Reset:work the same as OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool
  • Test Platform: work thesame as OBDSTAR MT series test platform

OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 User Manual

OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 Vehicle List



Support multi-function

Support 2 Years free update

Comes with MP001 (replace P003/P003+ adapter) and P004 Adapters in default

Buy X300 Classic G3 programming tool, get free Key Sim Kit or Motorcycle IMMO Accessories (M034, M037, M040, M041, M042, M043, M053, M054)



Price is more expensive



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OBDSTAR DC706 is a professional ECU programmer which is specially designed for vehicle ECM, TCM and body/other system for ECU flasher. It can read ECU info, R/W EEPROM/Dflash/Pflash/MAP, reset ECU (Virgin), calibrate mileage, read IMMO pincode, and ECU recovery, etc. It’s all by OBD or bench mode and makes ECU cloning easy.

OBDSTAR DC706 Coverage List



Price is cheaper

Comes with OBDSTAR P004 Adapter and P004 ECU Clone Jumper in default



Support 1 Year free update

Need to buy OBDSTAR MP001 Programmer separately


If you require a multi-function tool, X300 Classic G3 Key Programmer is a good choice. If you only want to do ECU cloning, DC706 is more cost-effective.


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