(Solved) MPPS v16 clone on Audi A3 2.0 FSI Bosch MED9.5.10 K-Line/CAN

MPPS v16 clone for Audi A3 2.0 FSI Bosch MED9.5.10 K-Line/CAN, I can ID the ecu but can't read, getting an error telling me to email the log file.

Possible reasons:

China clone mpps v16 will kill that ecu for sure. Many components missing, u can use it for edc15, but too risky for edc16 and others. I killed with that crap ecu in Vectra C (edc16c9)….


Option 1:

Spend money on better tools. Kess or eu mpps v18 or fgtech


Option 2:

Read the ECU and the car still starts.

Time to have a look at it in Winols. I'm thinking that's going to be another challenge.

The problem was with mpps v16. I changed the car type to a different car with MED9.x.x and kept the voltage above 13v.

The car I am using is for practice only. It has already been messed around with according to MPPS v16. Says the can has been flashed 70 successful times. (Might be an error in mpps)

I definitely don't wont to kill the ecu but i take it if i do there will be a way to recover it. You might need to open it and remover some chips but that's all part of the fun.


When MPPS V16 doesn't work on the specific car model, it should 100% work by changing car model..mpps v16 is interesting tool I've if clone I flashed many ecus I've edc17 til 2010.