Use CG-Pro and CGDI MB to Match New Key for Benz W639

Car model: Benz W639

Tools: CG-Pro & CGDI Prog MB

Program: Match the new key


Take down lock from the car, check the information


EIS related chip


Run CG-Pro software into the related operation interface


View wiring diagram


Connect CG-Pro with EIS


Read data successfully and save it


Run CG-MB software, Load the data saved by CG-Pro just now


Load EIS data successfully, the password will be shown directly


Save EIS data, please default the file name


Cilck “Generate EE”, load the EIS data just saved


Load successfully, please check whether all information is correct or not


Click ”Generate key file”, please wait…


Key file generated successfully, please save data file


Go to “Read key”


Insert new key into CGDI MB


Click read, show related information


Click write, please note the prompt, Click ok


Choose unused key data file, click and open it


Write success, put EIS back, then just get on car to learning it