VVDI Key Tool Plus Audi A4 2013 All Keys Lost Key Programming

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad is able to add key and do all keys lost for VW/AUDI 2nd/3rd/3.5th/4th/5th generation/MQB, etc. Here will share a tutorial to do key programming on a 2013 Audi A4 5th all keys lost via OBD in 3 steps.
audi all key lost

First, go to read BCM data via OBDII.
Connect Key Tool Plus to the vehicle via main cable
Select Immo Programming-> Europe-> Audi-> Select by type
There are 8 options included.

  • 4thimmo system- Audi
  • Fifth immobilizer system
  • 5thimmo system- A6/A7/A8/All keys lost for Touareg
  • Key Learn
  • OBD clone ID48
  • Engine Control Unit
  • KM repair
  • MQB instrument immo system

vvdi key tool plus

Select “Fifth immobilizer system” and tap “Start programming”

Then select “Read BCM data”-> “Read by OBDII” -> “Read BCM2 data (OBDII)”
xhorse key tool plus

Follow the on-screen instruction to do:
Open the headlight and step on the brake before continue
Detect out the key info as below

Disconnect BCM module from power for 2-3 seconds and reconnect again

When reading data successfully and save it with a new filename.

Then, go to make dealer key with the BCM2 data.
Select “Make dealer key”-> choose method “A4L, A5, Q5 add key or lost all key- Don’t need working key”
key tool plus

Follow the prompt to load BCM2 data read in step 1

When the data file has been loaded successfully, put a key into VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to write data and wait for the process is done.

Finally, go to learn a new key by loading BCM2 data has been read.
Select “Key Learn”-> input the number of keys to be learned

Then load BCM2 data read in step 1 again
Insert the dealer key into ignition (or nearby ignition coil)
Open the headlight, and step on the brake before continue

Once the key is learned successfully, X/Y in the dashboard, X will be added 1. If only have ignition coil, please stop and start the “START/STOP” button after X added 1.

Note: After the key learning process is completed, press button OKAY.