How VVDI Key Tool Plus Works for BMW 520D CAS4 All Keys Lost Programming?

Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS Pad can achieve BMW CAS1/ CAS2 /CAS3 /CAS3+ /CAS4 /CAS4+ OBD key learning, FEM/BDC key programming, File Make Key, ECU ISN reading, ECU and CAS synchronization, etc. Getting work done has never been easier. Here will share the guide of how to use it to program key on a 2011 BMW 520D CAS4 when all keys lost.
vvdi key tool plus

Main steps:
Step 1: Read key information
Step 2: Unlock CAS4/CAS4+
Step 3: Prepare dealer key with ignition switch


Connect VVDI Key Tool Plus to the vehicle via main cable and turn on the tablet
Select “Immo programming”-> “Europe”-> “BMW”-> “Select from system”-> “CAS4/CAS4+ immo system”-> “Key function”-> Click “Start programming”
xhorse vvdi key tool plus

Step 1: Read key information
Select “Generate keys via OBD”-> “Read key information”

Note: If it failed to connect the CAS system, please step on the brake several times or turn on double flash lights then retry.
Read out VIN and key info successfully, there is no key in the ignition switch.
Then click “Continue”

Note: Prepare dealer key and reset KM require to unlock CAS4, enable key and disable key no need to unlock CAS4!

Step 2: Unlock CAS4/CAS4+
Select “Unlock CAS4/CAS4+” and read the related instruction on the screen
Save the CAS4 data
key tool plus saves data

It will take about 1 minute to unlock CAS4/CAS4+. Once the process is done, you can make dealer key via OBDII!

Step 3: Prepare dealer key with ignition switch
Select “Prepare dealer key with ignition switch”-> choose any key to be operated

If CAS4 autodetect “Unencrypt version”, you’d better select “Unencrypt version” to prepare dealer key and confirm encrypt method via performing “Read ISN from working key”.

Then record the related CAS4 info

Insert a new key to ignition switch and turn on or put it close to emergency start position

Once the key is learned successfully, read key info again, now the status of ignition switch shows the related key has been programmed.

Finally, test the key.

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