2020 GODIAG GT100 OBD2 ECU Connector Review: Save Money and Diagnose Issues Yourself Fast

Many customers have already received GODIAG GT100 from eobdtool.co.uk and they send good feedback to us. Most of them say that GT100 helps them to diagnose the issue quickly and save a fortune. So excited to hear that! Now share with you all guys.

-John: Good
I bought the GODIAG GT100 Car Tool OBD2 Junction Box ECU Connector. The product came in a sturdy box, there are parts of the product in the photos I took. I will have this product installed in my car as soon as possible. I will have experienced the comfort of technology.
godiag gt100godiag gt100OBD 2-in-1 extension cable

-G: A good tool to have in garage
The quality of this godiag gt100 tool is quite good for the price. It comes well packaged and with all you need to connect this to a car and diagnostic tools. One of advantages to have this in the garage would be a possibility to connect multiple modules at once to this junction box, which would make a job for mechanic much easier and eventually faster than searching for faults. Overall, it is a good tool to have in the professional garage if working with a car's electrics and faults, which eventually would save time

-Hippo: Great junction box
I'm using this godiag gt100 obd2 ecu connector to connect my car ECU diagnosis and it works.

Very easy to connect and get working.

Helps to diagnose the car and perform programming operations.

Modules are much easily programmed with this tool.

Great product!

-Kings & Queens1: Great bit of kit
Very well packaged and loaded set that’s coming to the point where you no longer need to spend hefty amounts at garages and you can quite possibly diagnose the issue yourself!

This godiag gt100 is a testing platform for an obd2 that unfortunately did not come with any instructions so took a bit of research just in case. It’s straight forward to use and it’s useful for diagnosing issues for ECU also maintenance and coding and much more. It can also supply the vehicle with power when you’re transferring batteries to avoid data loss. I can’t comment if this works as of now but I’ll gladly update when i do.

Nifty well made device that’s fast and responsive with results, luckily no faults with my vehicle upon a test.
Very useful equipment to have overall! As I’ve mentioned to my buddy mechanic and have agreed.
godiag gt100 review

-Mandie: Saved us a fortune
We were having problems getting our OBD2 reader to connect fully to the van, kept getting a can-bus error. There were a couple of things that needed done such as turning off the airbag light and doing a full diagnostic, there were also niggling power problems too, but we couldn’t get any further than the error. We had checked wiring as much as we could physically but it’s a maxus and the wiring is a mess. My partner removed the ecu and performed a bench test using a Vident scanner and the Godiag breakout box, turned out to be a corroded pin that was preventing the communication. Great outcome and saved a fortune. My partner is enjoying his “new toy” and exploring all the features. Even more so with my car as he says it’s a lot less boring lol. Fantastic bit of kit and you don’t need an expensive scanner to pair with it.

To be continued…

If you’re also interested in this GODIAG GT100 OBD2 ECU Connector, please don’t hesitate to purchase it.