BMW 2010 535i Add New Key with Autel IM608 Pro

This post will share a new test report about Autel IM608 Pro (Autel IM608+ XP400 Pro) perfectly add a new key to 2010 BMW 535i.

Car info:
Car year: 2010
Car model: BMW 5 series 535i_N55
System: CAS4
FCC ID: KR55WK49863
Frequency: 315 MHZ

Connect IM608 with XP400 Pro via VCI USB cable
Connect MaxiIM IM608 with MaxiFlash JVCI (Autel J2534 programmer) via ACP101 cable
Connect J2534 ECU programmer with the BMW car via OBDII cable
When the connection is normal, the indicator will be on.
autel im608 proJ2534 ECU Programmer

Turn on Autel MaxiIM IM608 tablet
Important: Voltage must be at 13V

Main operation guide:
Select IMMO-> accept the disclaimer-> select BMW-> Automatic selection
Tap “Read” to enter the corresponding VIN in the input box automatically
autel im608 pro bmw

Tap “OK” to parse VIN and confirm the vehicle info read out

Then select “Vehicle immo information” to check immo info, OBD position and reference info

Turn on the ignition switch
Return to the previous menu and select “Immo status scan”

If it appears the communication error “Device unable to communicate with the control unit!”, please go to check the options as below.
1.Ensure the vehicle ignition is in ON position
2.Ensure the cable is in good condition and is securely attached to vehicle DLC.
3.Ensure the battery is fully charged
4.If the problem persists, record the issue in a data log and submit it to the Dealer or contact technical support.

Then turn on the ignition and select “Immo status scan” to do again.

Step 1: Clear DTC
It will scan all items and check if there is fault.
Tap “Quick DTC clearing” to clear all fault codes

Step 2: Add key
Select “Add key”
Need to execute the function of “DFLASH operation” in CAS4 system to remove and read the CAS module using a programmer.

Require internet: must be online/WiFi, and keep the network connection is normal during the whole process.

Pay attention to prompt of “OBD Read SK”: Make sure the voltage is over 13V and stable, and the WiFi network is OK
Wait a moment to download programming file

Start programming and restoring coding files
Read password successfully

Select one key unused to add key (e.g. key7)

Put the new key close to start coil (key frequency should be 315 MHz)
bmw new key

Learn the key by authenticating key info and writing data into key
When the key is learned successfully, put the key close to start induction coil, press and hold the ignition for 10s. After the learning is completed, the key can be used normally.

Now the key7 shows used status.

Finally, use the new key programmed by Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro to start the car and test the remote normally.
the bmw new key

Available link to get original Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro auto key programmer with XP400 Pro: