Xtool Scanner “Storage space is running out” “Programming failure” Error etc Solution

Here share the solution to the frequently asked question of XTOOL scanner “Storage space is running out”, “Not enough storage space is available” and “Programming failure” etc.

Note: The guide in this post can be used for all XTOOL tablets such as X100 PAD2, X100 PAD3, A80 Pro and more.

Now let’s see the related guide one by one.

XTOOL tablet “Storage space is running out” or “Not enough storage space is available!”
xtool pad2 problemNot enough storage space is available

The solution:
What you can do is that delete all infrequently used files or old software to free up space. Follow the steps below to do.
Step 1: Open the app and find the Report

Step 2: Find the “File Management” menu
xtool pad2 File Management

Step 3: Select the “Edit”, click on the unneeded car

Step 4: Select the redundant models and click “Delete” to retain storage space

XTOOL key programmer appears error such as “Programming failure”
Xtool Programming failure

The solution:
Sometimes, even though the car model you used is supported by the XTOOL scanner, it also failed. At this time, you should record the data and send to XTOOL service, so that the engineer can check what the problem is and offer the related solution ASAP.

Step 1: Connect the tablet with your car
Step 2: Enter XTOOL tablet main menu
Select the corresponding car manufacturer (e.g BMW)

Step 3: Pay attention to the precautions
Step 4: Click the pen icon in the upper left corner of the screen, and it will show “Data recorded function is on, click it again to stop and send feedback”.

Step 5: Click “Automatic selection” to read VIN
xtool pad2 Automatic selection

Step 6: Click the pen icon again to enter the [Feedback] page
Enter the problem and user info incl. contacts, Tel and email.
Then click “Send”

This message will be sent to XTOOL engineer, and they will analyze the problem after received and send the solution back.
If you have other errors during the operation, you can record data and send the log to XTOOL service for help.

To be continued…