How to repair a BMW E60 CCC if CCC starts for the first boot

Note: The following must be your symptoms for this fix to work. It may fix other symptoms but will 100% fix the following issue.

Issue: CCC starts for the first boot in the morning, and maybe one in the afternoon if it has been left long enough / is cold enough outside. If you do so much as turn ignition off after a mile or two, you will just get the BWM reboot logo loop with sometimes dodgy lines on screen and other weird effects.

CCC may now show as ‘dead’, but if the original issue is as above – Then it can be fixed

What you will need:

· Access to IR or Hot Air rework station
· Patience
· Foil / Heat Shield
· Patience
· Coffee and patience

Strip down the CCC to the bare bones. You will need to start at the top, and then go down to the bottom. DO NOT remove the fibre optic leads from the board.

If you are careful, you can get the board out and you will end up with something like:


The area that we need to rework is the BGA chips circled directly underneath the optical cables in this image. For my fix I use a hot air rework station (Aoyue) and patience. There are 4 chips to rework (Two larger and two smaller rectangular ones).

Make yourself a nice foil shield about the size of a ruler in both thickness and length. Foil up the rest of the board that doesn’t require heating, and use the ‘ruler’ to ‘lift’ the optical cables away from the board at the base. If you do not understand how to do this – DO NOT PROCEED as you may damage the cables and will certainly melt them shortly ….

Flood the chips with your favorite liquid flux, and rework those babies (Please don’t ask for how to do this … If you are unsure, you should NOT be attempting it).

Let her cool down and put everything back together.

Slot back into dashboard and Roberts your Mothers Brother.

3 done so far. 100% success rate.