ThinkDiag Install +Register+ Activate+ Language+ Car List

In the previous article, I introduce the ThinkDiag OBD2 Scanner user manual incl. capacities, software, comparison and using tips, etc. Today I will share ThinkDiag language, car list and the guide to install, register and activate ThinkDiag APP.


Part 1: ThinkDiag Language

THINKCAR ThinkDiag supports multi-language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian



1. The language follows operating system.

e.g: you select the English language, the ThinkDiag software language will be English as well.

2. If you change software language, you need to download the car software has downloaded again

e.g: The software language is English, and you have downloaded GM, Honda software free. If you switch the language to Japanese or other language, you need to download GM and Honda software again (both also are free).


Part 2: How to install, register and activate ThinkDiag APP

1.ThinkDiag APP installation 

Search “ThinkDiag” APP on Google Play
Then click “install”


2.ThinkDiag registration

For first time to use, after installing, open APP to register first
Enter registration interface
Input your email address, verification code and password to sign up


3.Thinkdiag activation

Login with your available username and password
Click “Me” at the bottom right corner
Enter activation page
Input Serial number and activation code, and click “activate”

Note: the serial number is on the THINKCAR ThinkDiag device, activation code is in the paper comes with the package.


4.ThinkDiag software download:

After activating the Thinkdiag, you can get EOBD2, DEMO and two car software. Select any two kinds of manufacturer software in ThinkStore to use for free for one year. There is no need to update when the date is expired. If you need more software, please purchase any software on Thinkdiag APP by yourself.


Manufacturer Software Price for each: $39.95/year
Reset Software Price for each: $49.95/year


5.ThinkDiag Diagnosis:

When finishing all the steps above, you can enter Diagnosis menu

Here you can select any option to diagnose your car, such as all systems full function, maintenance functions, OBD Functions and Thinkcar remote diagnostics.


Part 3: ThinkDiag car list:

Before purchasing, please check whether the car model you want is supported by ThinkDiag first.
Here is the official website to go:
Select “THINKDIAG”, car brand, model and year

If the car model is covered, it will show the details of “Supported functions” and “Supported diagnostic system” options as below.


Learn more details refer to this post:


Buy Thinkdiag OBDII scanner get EOBD2+DEMO +2 car software. EOBD2 and DEMO can be used for free for life. The two car software is free for one year. One of the manufacturing software can get during the activity so far. After the activity, only EOBD2+DEMO+ one free car software are available.


From now on, all basic functions of Thinkdiag Mini (ThinkCar Pro) software are free for life (such as bmw, benz, vw diagnostic software packages), and five resets are free for one year ((ETS, IMMO, INJOR, OIL, SAS) ), Reset renewal fee is charged annually for all software

After 2021.09.28, all activations of Thinkdiag Mini (ThinkCar Pro) will use this new rule. No more 15 special functions
The special functions are only the following 5:

Edited on 2021/12/10