MPPS V16 download software, vehicle list, video

MPPS V16 is cheap and high efficiency ECU Chip Tuning cable to read and write ECU via OBD2 port directly. Following are the mpps software, vehicle list, video, user feedback and FAQ provided. Software version: V16 or V16.1.02 Free download… Continue Reading

SPX Autoboss V30 vs. AutoBoss V30 Elite super scanner

Both SPX Autoboss v30 and AutoBoss V30 Elite super scanner are sold in What’s the difference between these two autoboss scanners? Check the table list below: Item SPX AutoBoss V30 diagnostic scan tool AutoBoss V30 Elite super scanner Item No A121-1 A296 Image… Continue Reading

How to update SPX autoboss V30 scanner

SPX AutoBoss V30Software Update Instruction pdf download: 2.3 Software upgrading 2.3.1 Download and install V30 update client Step1: Download the V30 update client from Autoboss website Step2: Install the V30 update client on your PC.   2.3.2 Check… Continue Reading

FVDI Mercedes Benz W221 odometer correction step by step

Here is the detail instruction on odometer correction for Mercedes Benz S-class (W221) and CL(W216) vehicle models with 2015 FVDI ABRITES Commander for Mercedes Benz/Smart/Maybach. Software version: V7.0 Operating system: Windows XP only 1.       Backup important files Open Special Function… Continue Reading

VVDIProg 2.1.0 Super ECU programmer User Manual

VVDI prog 2.1.0 super programmer version: 1.0   2015-03-18 OriginalVersion 1.1   2015-07-27 Add BMW engine read & write; Add pin code calculator for multi-brand vehicle models. VVDIProg Top 6 features: 1)      The built-in update software allows user to update VVDIProg firmware timely. 2)      High-speed… Continue Reading

How to program via VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar

Hello! Here comes the instruction for programming via VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar. NOTE: Security system needs to do programming online with the account password. Other systems do not need programming online. An external voltage regulator is… Continue Reading