Alpha Key Cutting Machine Test Report: Duplicate Toyota Camry Key Successfully

All in one Alpha automatic key cutting machine has a special feature – supports to duplicate keys without key data in database incl. single standard keys, double standard keys and single external groove keys, etc. Here is the test report about duplicating double standard keys-Toyota Camry key.

All need:

All in one Alpha key cutting machine

Original Toyota Camry key

New blank key

Cleaning tool


Enter Alpha main menu

Select “Duplicate”-> “Double Standard”-> “Tip”-> “S1-D” image

Choose side D

Test the original key firstly

Insert the original key into cylinder and it can open normally

Fix the original key on side D

Then press the S1-D image to start duplicating

It takes about 1or 2 minutes to duplicate

Duplicate is done, and the key pattern is displayed on the screen

Take out the original key and fix a new key blank on side D

Click “Cut” button to start cutting, and close the shield

Wait about 2 minutes

Cut is done, then open the shield to get the new key out, and clean shavings

Insert the new key into cylinder, it works perfectly

For your information, this is the related test video:

That’s all!