(Tested)Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 transponder key chip copy machine

The Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 transponder key programmer has been introduced for a period of time. Our engineers have successfully copied various types of key chips, following are our test results. Ⅰ T5 chip (11-12-13-33) Ⅱ PCF7935 chip series including: 40/41/42/44/45 40… Continue Reading

VVDI – MB TOOL V2.0.5 (SK185)

SK185 VVDI MB TOOL V2.0.5 1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.5, software v2.0.5, the lower version dont support password calculation 2. Add password calculation for lost all key. Support W166, W246, W212, W212(old). After success find password, it will need pay 2 calculation times 3. Password calculation with working key support: add working key test before data acquisition 4. Add EIS status test, working key test function 5. Fix bug for OBD read W203, W639, W463(K) EIS 6. Autodetect W212 EIS with ELV 7. Fix bug for read v51 key password via NEC adaptor 8. Add IR repair key function 9. Bugfix

Xhorse Condor XC MINI Key Cutting Machine Tested Success and Fail Result

Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine is better in the following aspects: 1.Lighter in weight. Net Weight: 18Kg Gross Weight: 22.9Kg 2.English or Chinese available same as old version condor. 3.Feed 80-220V power supply. No country/region limitation. 4.With 3 clamps (Clamp… Continue Reading

How HDS HIM V3.015.020 program key for a Honda crv 2002

Post is on how to use HDS HIM V3.015.020 program a key for a 2002 Honda crv. Car model: 002 Honda crv Purpose: program a key Optional tools: 1) Autel DS708: Autel DS708 works great for programming Honda and Nissan… Continue Reading