Xhorse Key Tool Plus All Keys Lost Add Key Success

Here have collected some real feedback about which cars can add key or do all keys lost with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad. Hope it helps!

Audi 5th generation, read BCM data via obd2, generate dealer key, learn key, all are ok

mercedes-benz b200 w169 eis, read data, calculate password, add new key, ok

Add key to BMW 320D 2013 F30 FEM/BDC all keys lost, ok

Playing around with the key tool plus on a Chrysler skim read and jeep liberty is the only option that shows pin code. Reading device 95080
xhorse key tool plusvvdi key tool plus

hyundai grand i10, with vvdi super chip xt27, program key, match remote, success
xhorse key tool plus hyundai

Land Rover:
All key lost Range Rove Evoque 2018 with KVM locked add keys success
xhorse key tool plus land rover

Toyota Corolla Altis 2014 add smart remote, ok

VW tuareg-1 generation, reading pin-made dealer key (add key)-jobs are done by 2 min
xhorse key tool plus vw

Add Key VW JETTA 2010 Mexico, Nec 24C32 (4th 24C64 only add Key)

Here are some test reports of Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad.

1.For Mercedes- Benz
VVDI Key Tool Plus Read Benz W164 EIS Data with Godiag GT100
Xhorse Key Tool Plus Perfectly Read Benz EIS W204 W207 Data with GODIAG GT100

2.For BMW
VVDI Key Tool Plus Programs BMW CAS4 Key with GODIAG GT100
How VVDI Key Tool Plus Works for BMW 520D CAS4 All Keys Lost Programming?

3.For Honda
VVDI Key Tool Plus Honda Brio Key Programming & Generating

4.For Land Rover
VVDI Key Tool Plus Adds Ranger Rover Sport 2013 Smart Key

5.For Porsche
Can Xhorse Key Tool Plus Program Porsche Cayenne 2014 5M48H BCM Key?

6.For Tata
VVDI Key Tool Plus Programs Tata Nexon Smart Key


Attach the newest car models supported by VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad in IMMO programming offered by  Xhorse® for reference.

Renault 4A Smart key/ 4A Flip Key:

OBD add key/ all key lost/prepare dealer key (vehicles with 4A chips, no need for reading backup flash, no risk of car dead)

Mercedes- Benz FBS3:

  • FBS3 add key/all key lost
  • Fast calculation with a high success rate
  • Time- saving


OBD add key/ all keys lost -CAS1/ CAS2 /CAS3 /CAS3+ /CAS4 /CAS4+/FEM/BDC key (Service mode)

VW & Audi:

2nd/3rd/3.5th/4th/5th generation/ MQB add key and all keys lost

VW online:

  • 4th generation add key and all key lost
  • A6/Q7 (J518) all keys lost
  • MQB add key and all keys lost
  • 5C add key

Fast, inexpensive and no risk of car dead with VVDI remotes

TOYOTA 8A Mechanical keys:

OBD add key/ all keys lost (no need to disassemble central control and replace immobilizer box for all keys lost, 8A all keys lost adapter needed)


OBD add key/ all keys lost/prepare dealer key (models like Outlander/Mitsubishi ASX/Eclipse Cross)


  • Generate key for new Porsche models (-2018)
  • OBD immo programming (key tool plus read data and generate key, OBD immo programming)


OBD read PIN code/ add key/ all keys lost

Ford (-2018):

Smart key programming without PIN code for -2018 models/key programming

Ford (2019-):

Key programming without reading PFLASH backups for 2019- Focus/ESCORT (safe with no risk)


Key programming for 2018- car models, OBD read PIN code/key programming

Fiat Viaggio/Palio:

OBD add key/ all keys lost/prepare dealer key


  • OBD read PIN code (ID46 transponder)
  • Online get PIN code for some cars with 4D/47 transponders


OBD Read PIN code for cars with 46, 47, 8A transponders/key programming

Honda all keys lost (2019- models):

OBD all keys lost for 10th generation Accord/Envix/FIT/Inspire

Volvo (-2016 models):

OBD read ISN by OBDII (remote key)/ require CEM EEPROM dump (remote key)/ require CEM, KVM EEPROM dump (smart key)

Chinese cars:

Support key programming for common Chinese cars and PIN code calculation ot OBD read PIN code for some models.

More car models to be explored…


If you have tested Key Tool Plus on your car, please come and share with us no matter success or failure.

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